"God Himself is the greatest winning force in all our world. Everywhere men feel the upward drawing toward Him. They may protest against church organizations and creeds, against teachings and long-settled practices and habits of thought, as they do so much, but there is always everywhere a longing in the human heart for God. It is the answer to the longing of His heart for us." S. D. Gordon

Shepherd's Stream is a feature rich platform designed to support the local church. For those looking for a church for the first time or those attending a church not in a leadership position there is the Flock membership. For Elders there is the Church membership and for Pastors we offer the Shepherd's membership. All memberships are add free and each user controls there own privacy settings. Thank you for considering Shepherd's Stream. If you have any questions please reach out to us we are happy to help. 





The Flock membership is designed for those who would like to be a part of a Christian social network where Christians inherently bond together with those of like precious faith that upholds the Christian values that they do. To learn more click the details button. 



The Church membership is designed to work together with the Flock membership. Peter instructs church leadership to "shepherd the flock of God among you, exercising oversight". Elders claim and manage your church profile and engage your congregants on a platform designed as a supplement to your regular Lord's Day services. Click the details button to learn more.



No previous generation has been blessed with the means of mass communication like ours.  As a faithful shepherd you know your sheep, you touch their lives, you pour your whole life into the Flock God has given you. That's your calling, your duty and your responsibility in the Lord. Click on the details button to learn how Shepherd's Stream can help.