Church Geolocator-USA

The Shepherd's Stream Church Geo-Locator has over 245k church profiles under ten denominations with multiple ways to find your house of worship. The USA map gives you the ability to find a church within any geographical area here in America. The second level state maps are interactive with the ability to enter your location or drag the map to your desired location. The listings will populate as you move the map to your destination. If you would like to browse all listings in a particular state choose your state below the USA map. It will take you to your chosen full state directory. You will also find links to most major cities in your chosen state. You may also use the search located above and put in your city and state in the location field and it will offer you all the listings in the area. Each church listing has a wealth of information about the church with contact information and directions.

USA Church Geolocater Map


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