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Church Memberships Are Free

The Church profile is the anchor of Shepherd's Stream. There are over 240,000 churches in 10 denominations listed on Shepherd's Stream. Almost all churches are geo-coded for our custom mapping system. Church Leadership can claim and update their church listing with a wealth of information for free.

Church SeekersFor those looking for a new church, changing churches, or traveling, the custom mapping feature on Shepherd's Stream is powerful! You can put your address in the location filter and use the denomination filter to only to show the church in your desired denomination. Combined with private lists if your looking for a church there is no better place to look than on Shepherd's Stream! 

Church Websites & Secular Platforms - Church websites can be expensive to build and maintain, secular platforms seem like a good alternative, most are free and simple to use. However, they have many drawbacks. To use these platforms, churches must “accept” their user agreements, and most do so without reading them. These same user agreements could easily and inappropriately be used against churches as they claim unilateral power to ban churches for advocating viewpoints not shared by the company. We are now starting to see these platforms attack Christian content and tagging it as "hate speech". Soon, it is very likely the Gospel of our Lord Jesus will be considered hate speech on those same platforms and will be banned.

Church Memberships Are Free Now churches have a fresh alternative in Shepherd's Stream. The Church membership on Shepherd's Stream is completely free and will always be free. The church profile has many features and provides as much information to the visitor as a static church website without the cost.             

The Church Profile - A Quick Tour