Church Geolocator Map-Iowa

Shepherd's Stream Geolocator Maps are fully interactive with many ways to find a Church profile in your desired location. Currently only 1000 churches will load at any one time. There are 3633 church profiles in the State of Iowa. Please use the location search or drag the map to your required location. To zoom into a desired area just double click on the area or use the zoom tool in the upper left hand corner. If you only want to see a certain denomination load on the Geolocator map please use the filter located at the top of the map. To browse all listings in a category select the category link on any of the listings. If your listing is not in the directory please use the Submit Church Listing option in the Full Church Directory. Navigate to the Church Geolocator-USA menu item under the main menu. Choose the state your church is in. If you are registered as a Shepherd, you will see "Add New Listing" at the top right hand corner. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Adding markers to the map ...